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HOME: Almaty: Photos

Almaty Photos


Enjoy our Almaty photo album including local Almaty photographs and pictures of Almaty Kazakhstan attractions.


Almaty photographs

Almaty and the Zaili Alatau Mountains

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Scenic photo of Almaty skyline with the impressive Zaili Alatau Mountains in the background.

Ascension Cathedral in Almaty, Kazakhstan

St. Ascension Cathedral

The Cathedral is also called by its Russian transliteration Svyato-Voznesensky Cathedral and its common name Zenkov Cathedral, after the architect who saw it built from 1904 to 1907. Despite being built as a house of worship, it was closed down by the Bolsheviks in 1917 and turned into an Historical Museum of the Republic in the early 1930's. It only resumed daily service in 1996 when it was returned to the Russian Orthodox Church.

Ascension Cathedral at 28 Panfilov Heroes' Park, Almaty

Saint Ascension Cathedral

Built entirely of wood, without the use of any nails, the "Zenkov Cathedral" is said to be the 2nd tallest wooden building in the world. Not only that, it was one of the few structures in Almaty to survive (fully intact) a massive 10 point on the Richter scale earthquake in 1911.

Almaty war memorial in Panfilov Heroes' Park

28 Panfilov Heroes' Park

Memorial of Glory located in the Park of 28 Panfilov Guards, the same park as Ascension Cathedral (above). The memorial was erected in 1975 on the 30th anniversary of the victory over fascism in the Great Patriotic War.

Monument of Independence on Republic Square, Almaty

Independence Monument

Photo of Republic Square (New Square) and the Monument of Independence. At the top of the monument is a golden man standing on a winged snow leopard.

Almaty City Administration

Almaty City Administration

Situated on Republic Square is the home of the Almaty City Administration.

Central State Museum of Kazakhstan

Central State Museum

The Central State Museum of the Kazakh Republic is one of the largest museums in Central Asia, housing roughly 200,000 artifacts over an area of 17,557 square meters. For more information, follow the link to the Museum website.

old Kazakhstan Parliament in Almaty

Old Kazakhstan Parliament

Once home to the Government of Kazakhstan under the old Soviet Union, the impressive structure on Tole Bi Street lost it stature when the capital was moved to Astana after independence.

Almaty TV tower

Television Tower

Located on Kok-Tyube Mountain, the 327m (1073 ft) high tower is a distinct Almaty landmark.

Kok-Tyube Cable Car, Almaty

Kok-Tyube Cable Car

For great views of Almaty, take the cable car up the Kok-Tyube Mountain to the TV tower. The cable car terminal is situated near the Hotel Kazakhstan, behind the Palace of the Republic.

Palace of the Republic

Palace of the Republic

The largest concert hall in Almaty, with seating for 3000 people, it is found near Hotel Kazakhstan on Abai Square.

Almaty Central Stadium, Kazakhstan

Almaty Central Stadium

With a seating capacity for 25,057 spectators, the stadium is home to Almaty's three professional football clubs and the Kazakhstan National football team.

Green Market in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Green Market, Almaty

Vendors at Almaty's largest Bazar, the Green Market or "Zelyoni Rinok". Located near Furmanova Str and Gogol Str, the market offers a good variety of fruits & vegetables, meat and dairy products, as well as non-food products. Prices and variety, of course, are seasonal.

Almaty, ancestral home of the apple

Almaty Apple Monument

The name "Almaty" itself is an adjective of apple in the Kazakh language. So literally it means "Appley". It gets this name because Almaty is thought to be the ancestral home of modern day apples.

Kazakh Zodiac Fountain, Almaty

"Zodiac" Fountain

One of many fountains in Almaty, the Oriental Calendar Fountain includes twelve Kazakh zodiac (animal) figures representing the twelve year cycle (similar to its Chinese counterpart).

Medeu Ice-skating Rink (the Ice Pearl), Kazakhstan

Medeu Skating Rink

Situated 30 minutes from Almaty near to the Medeu Dam, the Olympic size oval speed-skating rink is the highest in the world at 1,700m (5,570 ft). The venue, once a training facility for Soviet skaters, is open in the winters for public ice skating.

Shymbulak Ski Resort, Kazakhstan

Shymbulak Ski Resort

Also pronounced Chimbulak, the ski resort is situated roughly 25km (15 miles) south of Almaty along Medeu Road. With 3620 meters of ski runs and an elevation over 2200 meters above sea level, Kazakhstan's largest ski hill has a quality snow base from November until May.

chairlift at Shymbulak Ski Resort

Chairlift at Shymbulak

You can also enjoy the magnificence of Central Asia's Tian Shan Mountain Range in the summer via the same chairlifts that shuttle skiers in the winter time.


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