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Almaty Map

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HOME: Kazakhstan Travel: Almaty: Trains & Transport

Almaty Trains and Transportation


We've organized Almaty Trains & Transportation into 6 categories.

  1. Almaty commuter trains - elektrichki
  2. Purchase Almaty Train Tickets
  3. Long-distance Trains - Schedules & Itineraries
  4. Almaty Flights
  5. Inter-city Buses
  6. Local Transportation



Almaty Elektrichki (commuter trains)



Buy Almaty Train Tickets


Almaty Train Stations

  • Almaty-1 (Alma-Ata 1) Train Station
    • 1 Seifullin Street, Almaty
    • phone: 7 (727) 296 3392
  • Almaty-2 (Alma-Ata 2) Train Station (Main Station)
    • 1 Abilai Khana Prospekt, Almaty
    • phone: 7 (727) 296 1544


Purchase Almaty Train Tickets Online



Buy Train Tickets With the Assistance of a Local Guide


Purchase Almaty Train Tickets On Your Own

  • Substitute the bold description (in brackets) with your train information. (See Almaty train schedules and itineraries below for further information).
  • Translate the information using Google Translator.
  • Print and give the translated version to the lady selling tickets at the Almaty train station.
  • For detailed information, see our Trains in Russia page.
How many tickets? - (1, 2, 3...)
Station of origin? - (name of city you're traveling from)
Station of destination? - (name of city you're traveling to)
What date? - (ie. July 21, 2008)
Type of train wagon? - (S. Wagon, class 2, class 3 or class 4)
Number of train? - (according to train schedule - if you know)
Can you please write to me the final cost of the ticket?




Almaty Trains - Schedules & Itineraries


Arrivals to Almaty-2 Railway Terminal from...

For a detailed dates and times, enter the Train № in the CIS Railway Timetable search system.


Almaty train station - arrivals




Departures from Almaty-2 Railway Terminal to...

For a detailed dates and times, enter the Train № in the CIS Railway Timetable search system.


Almaty train station - departures


  • Learn more about trains in Russia, Ukraine & the CIS, including information about buying train tickets.



Almaty Flights



Almaty Inter-city Buses

  • Almaty Bus Station "Sayran"
    • Serves most long-distance and international routes
    • 294 Tole Bi Street, Almaty
    • phone: 7 (727) 276 2644
    • phone: 7 (727) 276 2677 (information)
  • Almaty Bus Station "Sayakhat"
    • Mostly destinations within the Almaty region, but has a few international routes including Bishkek and Tashkent
    • 1 Suyunbaya Prospekt, Almaty
    • phone: 7 (727) 230 2529


Getting Around Almaty


Almaty Metro

  • The Almaty Metro is currently under construction, with the first line slated to by opened in 2009. Initially the metro will have a length of 8.56km (5.32 miles) and have seven stations, four of which will be underground. A second and third line are also being planned barring unforeseen events.


Almaty Trams


Almaty Buses

  • maps of Almaty Bus routes


Almaty Trolleybuses

  • maps of Almaty Trolleybus routes


Almaty Mini-buses (Shuttle-buses or "Marshrutki")

  • maps of Almaty Shuttle-bus routes


Almaty Taxies

  • Almaty-Taxi
    • phone: 7 (727) 255 5333
    • cell phone: 8
  • Mega-Taxi
    • phone: 7 (727) 233 3111
    • ce
  • Taxi-078
    • phone: 7 (727) 292 6925
    • website:
  • Service-Taxi
    • phone: 7 (727) 230 2203
  • RIATrans
    • phone: 078
    • cell phone: 8 777 257 0507



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