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Barnaul (Барнаул) is a city located in south-west Siberia on the bank of the Ob river (see map). It is the capital of the Altai Territory with a population of roughly 750,000 inhabitants. Located in the heart of the Kulunda steppes, agriculture played a predominant role in the local economy prior to World War II. Thanks to the relocation of factories from Western Russia during the war, the Barnaul economy is now rather diverse. Today's industries include cotton textiles, chemicals, synthetic fibers, furniture and machinery.

For the traveler, Barnaul offers a pleasant 2 or 3 day stopover to enjoy the sights and sounds of a rather accommodating Siberian city. As a result of the large number of universities and higher education institutions Barnaul has an abundance of decent and affordable cafes, restaurants, nightclubs and accommodations. Plus it is a could home base for those who want to venture off and explore the nearby Altay mountains.


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