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HOME: Belarus Facts

Belarus Facts and Stats


Are you looking for Belarus facts, stats and trivia info? Below you'll find some fun Belarusian information and resources that will help you impress friends and family on your next game of Trivial Pursuit.


BelarusOfficial Name: Republic of Belarus


Area: 207,600 km² (80,156 miles²)


Belarus Topography:

Belarus has a hilly landscape with many lakes and gently sloping ridges in the north. Low-lying swampy plains are found in the south. One-third of the country is covered by unpopulated forest.



Belarus Map

Reproduced with permission from Lonely Planet Publications © 2005



Belarus Time Zone:


Belarus has only one time zone, GMT + 2 hours


Belarus Weather:


Because of its proximity to the Baltic Sea, Belarus has a temperate continental climate. The average temperature travelers will experience in January is –6°C (21°F), and the average temperature for Belarus travel in July is about 18°C (64°F), with high humidity.


Belarus Population:


10,300,483 people (July 2005 est.)
Population growth rate: -0.09% (2005 est.)
Life Expectancy at birth: (2005 est.)
1. Female: 74.69 years
2. Male: 63.03 years
3. Total Population: 68.72 years
Sex ratio in Belarus: 0.88 male(s)/female (2005 est.)


Belarus Ethnic Groups:


Among the total population of Belarus, 80% are Belarusian. Other ethnic groups include Russian (11.4%), Polish (3.9%), Ukrainian (2.4%), other (1.1%)


Languages: Both Belarusian and Russian languages have official status.


Religions: The main religion in the Belarus is Eastern Orthodox. Other religions include Roman Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim.


Government type: Republic


Capital: Minsk


Belarus National Anthem (follow this link to learn the words)



Country Dialing Code: 375


Electricity: ~220 V, 50 Hz, European socket (2-pins)


Additional Information for Belarus Travel:

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