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HOME: Chisinau: Photos

Chisinau Photos


Enjoy our Chisinau photo album including local Kishinev photographs and pictures of Chisinau Moldova tourist attractions.


Chisinau photographs

Nativity Cathedral in Chisinau, Moldova

Nativity Cathedral

Built from 1830-1836, the Cathedral of Nativity is also called "Christmas Cathedral".

Cathedral of the Nativity Bell Tower, Chisinau

Bell Tower

Photo of Cathedral of Nativity Bell Tower. It stood beside the cathedral until the Soviets removed the damaged bell tower after WWII. Shortly after Moldova's independence in 1989, Moldova started reconstruction of the bell tower according to its former design. The bell tower stands in Cathedral Park between Nativity Cathedral (above) and the Triumphal Arch (below).

Victory Arch, Chisinau

Triumphal Arch, Chisinau

Situated on the other side of Boulevard Stefan cel Mare from the Government of Moldova headquarters (background - see below) is the Triumphal (Victory) Arch, built in 1840 to celebrate the Russian Empire's victory over the Ottomans.

Prince Stephen III statue, Chisinau

Stephan cel Mare Statue

Monument dedicated to Stephen III of Moldavia (Stephen the Great) or Stephan cel Mare (Romanian) who, as Prince of Moldavia between 1457 and 1504, kept his state independent from outside influence, particularly from Muslim Ottoman forces who sought to rule his land.

Moldovan National Museum of History in Chisinua

National Museum of History

Statue of Roman She-wolf with Romulus and Remus stands in front of the Moldova National History Museum. Museum on 31st of August 1989 Street houses 10 exhibition halls with over 300,000 artifacts dating 5th century BC to present.

Saint Tiron the Martyr Cathedral and Monastery, Chisinau

Saint Tiron the Martyr

St. Teodor Tiron the Martyr Cathedral and female monastery (1858).

Grigori Kotovsky monument, Chisinau

Grigori Kotovsky Statue

Located on Negruzzi Square in front of the Cosmos Hotel is a monument to Moldova born Soviet military hero who deserted the Russian Imperial Army to join the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War.

Chisinau Railroad Station, Moldova

Chisinau Railway Station

Photo from the square in front of the Chisinau Train Staton.

Chisinau City Historical Museum

Chisinau City Museum

Old water tower (1882) located on Mateevici Street is now home to the History of Chisinau City Museum.

Presidential House of Moldova

Presidential House

Located on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, the Presidential Palace is residence to Moldova's President (elected for 4 year terms).

Parliament of the Republic of Moldova

Parliament of Moldova

Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, located on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard, is the legislative branch of the Moldovan government. See official website of the Parliament of Moldova.

Government of the Republic of Moldova

Government of Moldova

Government of the Republic of Moldova, also on Stefan cel Mare Boulevard in front of Piata Marii Adunari Nationale (the Great National Meeting Square), carries out the administrative duties of the Moldovan government. See the official website for the Government of Moldova.

Alexander Pushkin Monument, Chisinau

Pushkin Monument

Alexander Pushkin monument in a park that also bears his name. Pushkin was exiled to southern Russia in 1820 and found his way to Kishinev, where he remained until 1823. His house (now museum) is situated behind the city's Botanical Gardens. Other busts and statues of local authors are also found in the park, hence non-Russian residents often call the park "Mihai Eminescu Park" after a famous Romanian poet who once resided in Moldova.

National Opera and Ballet Theatre of Moldova

National Opera Ballet

The Moldova National Opera Ballet Theater is home to two separate performing arts companies, the Chisinau National Opera and the National Ballet of Moldova. For more information about upcoming performances and ticket booking, see the National Opera and Ballet Theater's official website.

Chisinau Circus, Moldova

Chisinau Circus

Photo of Chisinau Circus located on Renasterii Blvd.

Eternity Memorial, Chisinau

Eternitate Memorial

Photo of Eternitate (Eternity) Memorial of Military Glory, erected in honor of Soviet soldiers who perished in the 1944 "liberation" of Moldova from German and Romanian axis armies.

Valea Morilor Lake, Chisinau

Valea Morilor Lake

Photo of rowers training on Lake Valea Morilor (formerly Komsomolets Lake), which is located in a park with the same name. Residents of Chisinau take pride in the green spaces within their city, as the city has the highest proportion of parks when compared to other major cities throughout Europe.


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