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Donetsk Guide

by Yuliya

Interpreting for Client Translating for Corporate Client

NAME: Yuliya

HOME TOWN: Donetsk, Ukraine

• Russian (native)
• Ukrainian (native)
• English (fluent)

• upon request

FEE PER HOUR: $10 / hour

• email: shulaeva-yuliya at
• cell phone: +380 503 269 722

2000 to 2006: Donetsk National Technical University, Faculty of Economics and Management
2007 to 2010: Donetsk National Technical University, Postgraduate study

May 2012 – present: associate professor of Management and Economic Law
department of Donetsk National Technical University (experience of giving
lectures in English; participation in summer camps for EU students by giving
own lectures and translating lectures of other lectures);

September-December 2013: representative of the Czech company ASEKOL (Prague) in
Ukraine for the period of the project;

June-July 2012: assistant of the Britain’s TV Company ITN Channel 4 News for
the period of EURO-2012 which was held in Ukraine;

Since 2008 – present: freelance translator, interpreter, and guide;

February 2007 – March 2012: interpreter, translator (translation of letters,
contracts and other juridical documents, negotiations with foreign agents and
football players), assistant of the director in Football Agency.

May 2008 – November 2010: freelance translator, translation agency
Intours-Donetsk (translation of the documents of all kinds).

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Mar 18, 2014
She's the best!
by: Ricky

It has been a while since my trip to the Ukraine (month) and I have struggled to decide what to write about Yuliya, I could write pages about my time in the Ukraine and how she took my terrible experience and made it wonderful. You see I came to meet a woman in Gorlovka, ultimately I was scammed by the woman and her agency. I found myself mostly out of money and no way to get more. ALWAYS travel with lots of credit cards and know the pin #’s! So the agency left me in a flat and I was by myself trapped in that room, yes I could go out, but I certainly didn’t feel safe after dark doing so, not that it mattered, I speak no Russian, and Gorlovka certainly isn’t a tourist’s town. So my vacation ruined, my heart broke, I’m trapped in this room all week until my plane arrives, because I only have little more than enough money left to arrange a cab. Now I suppose I could have helped get myself out of that room but I’m sure speaking English it would have been difficult to do it. I certainly did not want to give myself away as an American idiot by speaking to people. Yuliya felt bad for me, she was mad that I had been scammed and said “I feel you are a prisoner” and that is how I felt. I couldn’t sleep and all I could do was pace back and forth all day to pass the time. She came out to rescue me, she came out at risk to herself financially and trusted that I would be able to pay her. She found me a cab for such a good rate, (considering I had very little money) and she personally came to Gorlovka to get me! Well I did manage to get some money Western Union, and she was my guide for a day and a half. How bad my trip was before that last little bit of time, and how nice it was with her as my guide. She showed me her town and we walked for hours. She took me to a show, to dinner and even to a little tourist shop so I could get some silly trinkets I wanted. She drove me around in her car and it was nice. She kindly took so many pictures of me so I could say I was there. She speaks perfect English, makes excellent conversation, has excellent humor, she’s smart, beautiful and is a true joy to spend time with! Well instead of finding love in the Ukraine, I think I found something better, a good woman who I will always feel indebted to, and I am proud to call a friend. I will always vouch for her!

Feb 04, 2014
The best!!!!
by: Walter (formerly from Florida, now lives in Donetsk)

I first met Yuliya in November of 2011 as it was the first time I visited Donetsk to meet a lady. I was worried about translation services, but almost immediately my fears were put to rest by Yuliya. She is extremely professional, sincere, accurate and very personable. I can only tell you that I have since met and married my beautiful wife from Donetsk, and a large share of the credit must be given to Yuliya)))) Now I have become good friends with her and have personally seen other English speaking people use her services and they all have been extremely happy and satisfied with Yuliya. I give my highest recommendation and endorsement to her and recommend if you are coming to Donetsk for personal or business reasons Yuliya will be very beneficial for you. Top notch!!!!!

Feb 08, 2013
true professional
by: Michael (Tennessee USA)

Yuliya was a true professional!! She is kind, courteous and was always on time!! Her bond was her word!! Very knowledgeable of her city. I was in Donetsk for 19 days. She found me an apartment and really just helped me get aquainted with the city. I needed a power inverter and she took time out of her busy day to find me one!!! I would recommend her to anyone going to Donetsk. You will not find a better guide. She is the only Donetsk guide / translator I will ever use!!!! Thanks Yuliya

Feb 08, 2013
thank you for all your help
by: Dwayne Sallie (Dubuc, Sk., Canada)

Yuliya is a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and caring translator. This woman is always professional and communicates with perfect English. She is comfortable to be with and she can solve any problem or answer any questions that you may have about Donetsk and Ukraine. Yuliya is flexible and accommodating. Yuliya, thank you for all your help.

Feb 08, 2013
Wonderful Guide
by: Harsono (Beaufort NC USA)

I was a very lucky man when I found YULIYA. She is a very respectful, charming, intelligent, and very honest.
Before I met Yuliya, we communicated via email, and got to know each other better. Then I explained to her what I need, which is to find someone special to spend the rest of my life with. I was browsing few dating sites before that , but all seem too good to be true, I was very skeptical about all. so I decided to ask Yuliya if she got any single friends to introduce me, sure enough within a week she found a beautiful 30 years old single Marina with no children. so me and Marina started communicate to each other via email and skype. she also taking English class so we have no problem to understand each other. remember when I said Yuliya was very honest , here she as an interpreter , but yet she found me a woman who can speak English that don't require her service, you can't ask anything better than this, this what make her the best. Then after six months talking to Marina I decided to go to Donetsk to meet her. so I went on may 26. 2012. when I got to the airport Marina was at the airport waiting for me. we click right away. I spent almost three weeks there with Marina , that was the best time of my life. Thanks to Yuliya for millions...
I highly recommend to everyone that want to visit Ukraine for whatever reason, to contact Yuliya to be your guide , you will be very happy and thank me later for this. just tell her what you need , and she will do the best to help you with everything you need. she is the best of the best I guarantee you. This is my email address you can contact me if you want to know more about Yuliya . I would be glad to share my experiences with you during my trip to Ukraine especially Donetsk. GOOD LUCK FOR ALL OF YOU , AND MAY THE BEST ALWAYS BE YOURS.

Feb 08, 2013
fantastic interpreter
by: Walter (Florida, USA)

Yuliya was a fantastic interpreter and a wonderful person. I was there in Donetsk for 10 days in late November 2011. She helped me immensely and I would never use another interpreter.

Feb 08, 2013
Honest Advice and Assistance
by: Ahmed (Dubai)

My impressions...
Yuliya was a very intelligent, honest, professional and punctual guide. Her English is perfect and her translation is very accurate. She knows the city very well and knows a lot about culture of other nations. She has very nice, cheerful and friendly character. I saw most of the city and finished my work in time in perfect way thanks to her excellent guidance, honest advice and assistance. I was lucky to have met Yuliya.

Feb 08, 2013
Highly Recommended
by: Ray (Texas USA)

Hi Everyone
I was in Donetsk the last week of May and first week of June 2011. Not knowing anyone, I was vey lucky to come across the website of Yuliya Shulayeva. From the very beginning she made feel right at home! Yuliya has an excellent personality, and is a very good translator of Russian to English and viceversa, she made the conversations with young ladies very lively and interesting. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Yuliya to anyone looking for a young female translator with great skills and personality in the Donetsk area.

Ray from Texas

Feb 08, 2013
Lucky to Find Yuliya
by: Derek Leiden (Wilson, WY USA)

I was lucky to find Yuliya, she is very nice and great company during my visit to Donetsk. Her English is very good and she understands Ukrainian customs and issues that can really help. I would highly recommend using Yuliya for either business or just being a tourist in Donetsk. You can't go wrong.

Derek Leiden

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