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E-moe Ethnic Restaurant, Donetsk

by emoe
(Donetsk, Ukraine)

E-moe restaurant, Donetsk

E-moe restaurant, Donetsk

E-moe restaurant, Donetsk The interior of E-moe Shows at E-moe restaurant, Donetsk Children's programs at E-moe

"E-moe" ethnic restaurants is one of the best restaurants in Ukraine. Gourmands start their familiarity with the restaurant from the chef's proposals, the aesthetes prefer the interior, the first thing evaluated by creative people is the genuine original atmosphere of the new institution. It does not matter from what will you start your acquaintance with the "E-moe" ethnic restaurant be prepared to the recreation, full of pleasant discoveries and bright amazements, as you will face with cuisine history in details."E-moe" ethnic restaurant is more than just restaurant.

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