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Feodosia (Ru. Феодосия, Uk. Феодосія) is a city located on the Crimean Peninsula east of Simferopol (see map). With a population of 72,000 inhabitants (2005), it is a major Ukrainian Black Sea port, a rail terminus, and a popular resort town.

Feodosia has a truly remarkable history. It sits on the site of ancient Theodosia, a settlement founded in the 6th century BC by Greek colonists. It remained an important center of grain export for nearly a millennium until its destruction at the hands of Hun invaders in the 4th century AD. At this point it began a long period of transition between spheres of influence from both east and west. Khazars, Kipchaks, Byzntine, Mongols, Genoese, Crimean Tatars, the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire all took their turn shaping the region's history. Even Nazi Germany had their moment in time when they invaded and occupied the city (1941-1944).

Today Feodosia is a popular Crimean sea and health resort. Local mineral springs, mud baths, and the areas favorable climate create ideal conditions for renowned sanatory (health resorts) that can be found throughout the region. Russians have been coming to this picturesque retreat for almost two centuries which is evident as you stroll down the city promenade that runs along the sea. Side by side stand beautiful 19th century estates and large Soviet rest homes. Those who stroll to the city's outskirts will be treated to the walls of a grand Genoese fortress and an early Armenian church that dates to the time of Byzantium.


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