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Gomel (Гомель) is a city situated in south-east Belarus on the bank of the Sozh River (see map). With a population of 481,000 inhabitants (2005), it is the nation's second largest city. It's economy is highly dependent on agriculture; from farming, to food-processing, right up to the manufacture of agricultural machinery. It is also an important transportation hub, boasting a major river port and large railroad junction.

The city's existence was first chronicled in 1142 as a settlement belonging to the Kiev Rus principality. Gomel subsequently fell under Lithuanian and Polish influence before being ceded to Russia in 1772. During World War II it was also occupied by German forces between 1941 and 1944. Although it was a rather short time in the context of the city's history, the Nazis managed to alter its social fabric forever. Historically, roughly 40% of the city's population was Jewish. At war's end, only a handful of Jewish citizens remained.

Today Gomel doesn't attract a great deal of tourists. Much of this has to do with its relative proximately to the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Most of its visitors, on the other hand, come to study in one of the city's respected universities or institutes of higher learning. Several of these include, the State University, the Belorussian Institute of Railway Engineers, the State Polytechnic Academy and the State Medical Institute. Those who do decide to journey to Homel will be treated to a number of noteworthy historical attractions including Rumyantsevs's Palace (1785) and the Peter and Paul Cathedral (1819).


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