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Guide and Assistant in Odessa

by Catherina
(Odessa, Ukraine)

The reason why I would be a great tour guide is rather simple. I was born in Odessa and it means I can feel the genuine spirit of this city which is full of inspiration. From the early childhood I was taught to appreciate the atmosphere in which I live and to breathe it in every day, to be a part of everything worthy that happens.
And now I think that my parents gave me a precious gift by upbringing me in this way, because now I can share my own perception of Odessa and Ukraine, help people reveal some new horizons by learning a new and absolutely unique mentality.
Always being in the heart of Odessa's cultural and entertainment life, I can provide the customers with all the necessary information and help.
What I can offer to tourists, who wish to discover my city, is not just the visit to popular sights, it's incomparable, mentally enriching experience.


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