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Kherson Map

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HOME: Kherson: Photos

Kherson Photos


Enjoy our Kherson photo album including local photographs and pictures of Kherson Ukraine tourist attractions.



Kherson photos

Kherson, Ukraine

Kherson, Ukraine

Scenic photo of Kherson and the Dnieper River.

Kherson naval memorial, Catherine's Glory

Kherson Naval Memorial

Found on the Dnieper River embankment, the memorial is situated where the first naval gun-ship, Catherine's Glory (Slava Ekaterina) was built in 1783. The memorial plays tribute to the origin of Kherson, which was founded in 1778 as a naval base to defend Russia's interests on the Black Sea coastline.  

Kherson Oblast Administration, Ukraine

Regional Administration

Photo of Kherson Oblast Administration with a statue of Lenin standing in front.

Kherson fortress gate

Kherson Fortress Gate

Kherson fortress (1778), was founded on the site of a smaller, older fortress called Alexander-Shants (1737). Walking excursions can be arranged to see the ruins of the old fortifications.

Kherson Coat of Arms

Kherson Coat of Arms

Gate of old fortification, anchor (symbolizing Kherson's importance as a naval city) and the date, 1778, when Kherson was founded.

Kulish Music and Drama Theater, Kherson

Music and Drama Theater

Kherson Regional Academic Music and Drama Theater, named in honor of Mykola Kulish was built in 1889, but celebrates its birthday as of November 6, 1936 when the first play of the theater, Winners of Death (by V. Vlasov) was performed.

St. Catherine Cathedral, Kherson

St. Catherine Cathedral

Saint Catherine Cathedral was designed and built by famous architect Ivan Starov in 1786. General Field Marshal, statesman, and favorite of Catherine II, Gregory Alexandrovich Potemkin was buried on the territory of the cathedral.

Central Market, Kherson

Kherson Central Market

Kherson Avtovokzal

Kherson Bus Station

Fregat Hotel in Kherson, Ukraine

Fregat Hotel, Kherson

Kherson Port

Port in Kherson, Ukraine

Kerson River Vokzal, Ukraine

Kherson River Vokzal

Entrance to river terminal in Kherson, Ukraine.

ship on the Dnieper River outside of Kherson

Dnieper River, Kherson

Photo of passenger ship cruising near Kherson.

highway entering Kherson, Ukraine

Kherson Highway Sign

rural colors of Kherson Oblast

Sunflowers near Kherson

Askaniya-Nova Nature Reserve, Kherson

Kherson Nature Reserve

Ukraine's first nature reserve, the Askaniya-Nova Nature Reserve dates back to 1875. Preserving a small piece of virgin steppe, it is home to some 40 different mammals, both native and exotic. 



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