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Kiev Metro

Kiev Metro

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The Kiev Metro plays a key role in the capital's public transport system. It carries over 1.7 million passengers a day, which makes up roughly 30% of Kiev's public transport passengers.


Kiev's metro is composed of three lines, with a fourth line under construction and a fifth line in the planning stage.

Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska (Red) Line - First line of the Kiev Metro (dating back to 1960). It includes some of the Kiev Metro's most famous stations, including Arsenalna, which is the deepest in the world (105.5 meters below the ground).

Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska (Blue) Line - Second line of the Kiev Metro (opened in 1976). It extends northwards along the bank of the Dnieper River and deviates from the river towards the southwest. Architecturally the line shows some of the best examples of late-Soviet architecture.

Syretsko-Pecherska (Green) Line - Third line of the Kiev Metro (first opened in 1989). It extends southeast along the bank of the Dnieper River before crossing on a covered bridge from which is heads east, and finally northwest.


Kiev Metro map (pdf file)

Kiev Metro official website (Ukrainian)

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