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Krivoy Rog (Ru. Кривой Рог) or Kryviy Rih (Uk. Кривий Рiг) is a city in south-central Ukraine at the confluence of the of the Inhulets and Saksahan rivers, in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (see map).

With a population of roughly 630,000 inhabitants, the city is a major transportation, mining and steel producing center. Extending almost 130 km (80 miles) along the narrow belt of ore deposits, it is also considered Europe's longest city. Founded by Zaporozhye Cossacks in the 1780s, the city received its present name which literally means "crooked horn". Some say the city received its name because it was founded along a lake in the shape of a crooked horn. Others maintain that it was named after the shape of the regions iron-ore deposits.

Apart from its industry and iron mining, Krivoy Rog is also a major cultural and educational center. Although not a typical tourist destination, visitors will be pleased to find a rather sprawling city with an abundance of trees and parks. Those interested in studying or volunteering have the choice of over 150 general and postsecondary educational establishments including recognized mining and pedagogical institutes.

History and nature enthusiasts also have the opportunity to explore some of the last remaining reserves of wild steppe vegetation located just outside of the city. Here you can look through the eyes of early Cossack settlers or ancient Scythian nomads who settled in the area.



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