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Lugansk (Ru. Луганск) or Luhansk (Uk. Луганськ) is a city situated in south-eastern Ukraine near the Russian border (see map). Most recognized as the home of a major locomotive building enterprise, Luhansk is not only an important industrial city, but a major cultural and educational center as well. The city boasts several Drama Theatres, a Philharmonic Society, numerous Museums, as well as a Circus and a Puppet Theatre for the young and old alike. Lugansk is famous for its universities including: the East-Ukrainian National University, Shevchenko State Pedagogical University, State Agricultural University, and State Medical University. A byproduct the city's educational excellence was scholar and resident Vladimir Dahl. A close friend of Alexander Pushkin, he is distinguished for writing The Defining Dictionary of the Great Living Russian Language.


Lugansk gerb summer in Lugansk Luhansk, Ukraine


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