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HOME: Lviv: Photos

Lviv Photos


Enjoy our Lviv photo album including local Lvov photographs and pictures of Lviv Ukraine tourist attractions.


Lviv photographs

Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre

Opera and Ballet Theater

The Lviv State academic opera and ballet theater named after Solomea Krushelnitska (a famous Ukrainian soprano), saw the first stone laid in 1897 and opened for its first performance on October 4, 1900. Incidentally, it went under the name "Large City Theatre" until 1939.

Daniel of Galicia Statue in Lviv, Ukraine

Prince Daniel Romanovich

Monument to Prince Daniel Romanovich, who founded Lviv in the mid-13th century. Under his rule, Lviv became the chief center of the principality of Galicia, a region that now lies within present day Poland and Ukraine. 

cobblesone street in Old Town, Lviv

Lviv's Historic City Center

Tram and old cobblestone street in historic city center.

historic city center of Lviv, Ukraine

Lviv's Old Town

Photo of the historic center of Lviv, a city that for centuries fused culture and architecture of eastern and central Europe. Having celebrated its 750th birthday in 2006, Lviv's city center is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Assumption Church and Kornyakt's Tower, Lviv

Assumption Church, Lviv

The Virgin Mary's Assumption Church (1629) and Kornyakt's Tower (1578), which for centuries held the distinction as the highest building in Lviv standing at 65 meters high.

Dominican Church and Monastery, Lviv

Dominican Church

The present day Baroque style church dates back to 1749 (bell tower in 1865), but its origin dates all the way back to the 13th century when the Dominican Order first arrived and built a wooden church in 1234.

memorial to victims of Soviet Secret Service, Lviv

Victims of NKVD Memorial

Monument dedicated to pre-war and post-war victims of the Soviet Counterintelligence (also known as the Cheka).

Jewish Pogroms Memorial, Lviv

Lviv Pogroms Memorial

Prior to the war Lviv had the 3rd largest Jewish population in Poland, reaching close to 200,000. When the Soviets liberated Lviv from German occupation in 1944, only 200 to 300 Jews remained.

Lviv train station

Lviv Train Station

Built in 1903 in Art Nouveau style, the station is Lviv's main passenger station serving in excess of a million passengers per month.

Saint Andrew Church in Lviv

Bernardine Monastery

The Bernardine Church and Monastery were consecrated in 1630. Today the complex is under the care of Ukrainian Greek Catholic Basilian Order and the church is known as the Church of St. Andrew.

Liberation Avenue in Lviv, Ukraine

Liberation Avenue

Photo from Prospekt Svobody (Liberation Ave).

monuments representing Ukrainian nationalism in Lviv

Taras Shevchenko Statue

The father of the modern Ukraine language and symbol of Ukrainian nationalism, Taras Shevchenko, standing next to monument "Wave of National Revival" on Svobody Prospekt.

Adam Mickiewicz Memorial, Lviv

Adam Mickiewicz Statue

Memorial to Adam Bernard Mickiewicz who is regarded as one of the greatest Polish Romantic poets. The statue is found on a square that also bears his name (near Svobody Prospekt).

Roman Catholic church in Lviv, Ukraine

Latin Cathedral

The Archcathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary or simply "Latin Cathedral", was consecrated in 1481, while 1761–1776 saw the cathedral refurbished in the Baroque style plus the addition of a bell tower. It was granted the status of a minor basilica by Pope St. Pius X in 1910.

Museum of Traditional Ukrainian Rural Life and Architecture

Shevchenkivsky Gai

Located in the region of Lviv sharing the same name, Shevchenkivsky Gai is an open-air history museum of rural architecture and traditional village life taken from various regions of western Ukraine.


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