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HOME: Moldova Facts

Moldova Facts and Stats


Are you looking for Moldova facts, stats and trivia info? Below you will find some fun Moldovan information and resources that will help you impress friends and family on your next game of Jeopardy.


Official Name: Republic of Moldova


Area: 33,843 km² (13,067 miles²)


Moldova Topography:


Moldova is a landlocked nation of rolling steppe with a gradual south slope towards the Black Sea



Moldova Map

Reproduced with permission from Lonely Planet Publications © 2005



Moldova Time Zone:


Moldova has only one time zone, GMT + 2 hours


Moldova Weather:


Moldova has long and warm summers with temperatures averaging above 20°C (68°F). Winters are relatively moderate and dry with January temperatures averaging –4°C (25°F).


Moldova Population:


4,455,421 people (July 2005 est.)
Population growth rate: 0.22% (2005 est.)
Life Expectancy at birth: (2005 est.)
1. Female: 69.43 years
2. Male: 61.12 years
3. Total Population: 65.18 years
Sex ratio in Moldova: 0.91 male(s)/female (2005 est.)


Moldova Ethnic Groups:


Among the total population of Moldova, 64.5% are Moldovan/Romanian, 13.8% Ukrainian, 13% Russian, 2% Bulgarian, 1.5% Jewish and 5.2% Gagauz and other.


Languages: Moldovan (official - virtually the same as the Romanian language), Russian (official), Gagauz (a Turkish dialect).


Religions: Eastern Orthodox (98.5%), Jewish (1.5%)


Government type: Republic


Capital: Chisinau


Moldova National Anthem (follow this link to learn the words)



Country Dialing Code: 373


Electricity: 220V, 50Hz, European socket (2-pins)


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