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Moscow Metro train

Moscow Metro train

Moscow Metro train Kropotkinskaya Metro Station metro escalator Komsomolskaya Station

Although the Metro looks busy and intimidating to first time visitors, it is rather simple to use. The Moscow Metro is undoubtedly one of the most efficient public transit systems in the world, transporting close to 10 million passengers daily.

Once you understand how the Moscow Metro works, moving to virtually every part of the city is easy. Follow this link to an interactive version of the Moscow Metro map. Notice how all the individual lines are color coded and how the brown line (the ring-line) intersects each radial line twice.

Probably the best way to learn about the Moscow Metro is to take a map of the metro and just ride from station to station, occasionally switching from one line to another. You really can’t get lost and many of the stations are like living museums and art galleries. Each station has its own unique design including painted murals, sculptures, exquisite chandeliers, and escalators that seem to go on forever.

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