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Nikolay Rastorguev - Lyube


Nikolay Rastorguev and PutinNikolay Rastorguev is best known as the lead singer of iconic Russian band Lyube (Любэ). From the inception of the band in the late 1980s, Rastorguev and Lyube have become household names, sparking a sense of national pride throughout a wide Russian audience. Young and old, fans of various musical genres have all come to appreciate Lyube's unique style which harmoniously combines elements of Western rock and roll, traditional Russian folk music and military bard music.

As Lyube's only permanent member, from it's inception to present, Nikolay Rastorguev has been recognized for his contribution to Russian music. In 1997 he earned the honorary title People's Artist of Russia, and on his 50th birthday in 2007, Rastorguev was awarded with the 4th Degree Order of Merit for the Fatherland (from none other than Vladimir Putin).


Nikolay Rastorguev Facts


Russian Name: Николай Вячеславович Расторгуев

Date of Birth: February 21, 1957

Place of Birth: Bykovo, Moscow Oblast, USSR

Musical Groups

  • Young Six (Шестеро молодых) - Soviet ensemble
  • Leysya, pesnya (Лейся, песня) - Soviet ensemble
  • Rondo (Рондо) - rock group
  • Lyube (Любэ) - folk-rock group



Nikolay Rastorguev - Lyube

Lyube CDs and DVDs


Любэ - Nikolay Rastorguev singing "Kon" - Конь


Любэ (Lyube) - Давай за... (A toast for...)


Любэ - Rastorguev singing "Birches" - Берёзы


Любэ (Lyube) - Комбат (Combat)
From the film Shtrafbat (Penal Battalions) - Штрафбат