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HOME: Poltava: Photos

Poltava Photos


Enjoy our Poltava photo album including local Poltava photographs and pictures of Poltava Ukraine tourist attractions.


Poltava photographs

common grave of Russian soldiers, Poltava

Common Russian Grave

Site where 1345 Russian soldiers and officers were buried after the legendary Battle of Poltava in 1709.

Gogol Theatre, Poltava

Gogol Theater, Poltava

Live Poltava theatre located on the corner of Gogol and October Streets.

Glory Monument in Poltava city center

Glory Monument, Poltava

Monument honoring Russia's victory over the Swedes in the 1709 Battle of Poltava.

Poltava city administrative building

Poltava City Administration

Home of Poltava City Council in the heart of the city center.

Monument to Cossack Soldiers, Poltava

1709 Battle of Poltava

Located a short distance from Poltava is a small museum that commemorates the 1709 Battle of Poltava between the armies of the Ukrainian Hetman Ivan Mazepa and Swedish King Charles XII against the army of the Russian Tsar Peter I. Photo to the left is a monument erected to commemorate Cossack (Ukrainian) soldiers who perished in the battle.

Poltava Battlefield Museum

Poltava Battle Panorama

The Poltava Battlefield Museum is home to 9 exposition rooms with priceless relics, paintings and descriptions of the historic 1709 battle between between Swedish (and Cossack) forces verses those of Russia's Peter I.

Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy Monastery

Poltava Nunnery

A difficult name to pronounce, the Chrestovozdvuzhenskiy Monastery was constructed in 1689-1709, while the bell tower was was built in 1786. It served for years as a male monastery, and was later transformed to a nunnery.

White Arbor in Poltava, Ukraine

Poltava White Arbor

White Arbor on Ivanov Mountain overlooking the city of Poltava, Ukraine.

photo of Poltava, Ukraine

Poltava Panorama

View of Poltava, Ukraine from White Arbor.

Bell Tower of Uspensky Cathedral, Poltava

Uspensky Cathedral

Uspensky (Assumption) Cathedral, built 1748-1770, was destroyed by the Soviets in the 1930's. The only thing that remained was its bell tower, therefore the newly restored church now goes by the name "Bell Tower of Uspensky Cathedral".

Museum of Local Lore, Poltava

Poltava History Museum

The Poltava Museum Of Local History and Lore, founded in 1891, houses a collection of over 400,000 artifacts that include archeological finds and examples of local folk art.

Spassky Church, Poltava

Spassky Church, Poltava

One of the last examples of wooden architecture from 18th century Poltava, Spassky Church can be dated as far back as 1686.

hitoric Poltava country estate of Ivan Kotlyarevsky

Ivan Kotlyarevsky Museum

House museum of Ivan Kotlyarevsky, Ukrainian writer and playwright regarded as the pioneer of modern Ukrainian literature when he published several works in officially unrecognized Ukrainian instead of Russian.

Afghan War Memorial in Poltava

Afghan War Memorial

Memorial on September 23 Street dedicated to fallen soldiers of the Soviet war in Afghanistan (1979-1989).

Photo by Vlad Butsky

see copyright information

Poltava city monument

Poltava Coat of Arms

Vorskla River, Ukraine

Vorskla River near Poltava


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