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HOME: Ukraine SIM Cards

Prepaid Ukraine SIM Card


Do you need a prepaid Ukraine SIM card? First, be sure this is the right choice for your cell phone calling needs.


When traveling to Ukraine, you have 3 cell phone options.

  1. Purchase a prepaid Ukraine SIM card.
    • This is the best option when you spend lots of time in Ukraine, or travel regularly to Ukraine whether on business or pleasure. In essence, you get your own local Ukraine phone number.


  2. Purchase an international roaming SIM card.
    • The roaming SIM card is most economical if you are traveling through multiple countries and plan on sending or receiving regular calls or text messages.


  3. Purchase a GSM World Cell Phone.
    • This is the most economical option for those who infrequently use their cell phone, but enjoy the piece of mind knowing they can call in case of emergency, or receive calls, anywhere in the world, from friends and family back home.


A Prepaid Ukraine SIM card requires a GSM phone with a frequency of 900 MHz and/or 1800 MHz. These are the frequencies used worldwide, with the exception of the United States, Canada and several South American countries.


Therefore, if you live outside of the USA, Canada and South America, you only need to purchase a prepaid Ukraine SIM card.


If you live within the United States or Canada, cell phones are often not GSM and have different frequency bands (850 MHz & 1900 MHz). Therefore, if you do not have a cell phone you use overseas, you may be interested in the SIM & Cell Phone package for Ukraine.


Ukraine cellular provider

Ukraine SIM card
with local number

SIM & Cell Phone Package for Ukraine