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HOME: Riga: Photos

Riga Photos


Enjoy our Riga photo album including local Riga photographs and pictures of Riga Latvia attractions.


Riga photographs

Riga, Latvia skyline

Riga, Latvia

Photo of Old Riga, the city's Central Market, the Daugava River and the Riga Radio and TV Tower on the horizon.

Freedom Monument, Riga

Freedom Monument

Erected in 1935 during a brief period of independence between the two world wars, the monument stands an impressive 42 meters (138 ft) in Riga's historic city center.

Blackheads House, Old Riga's Town Hall Square

Blackheads House

The Blackheads House, situated on Riga's historic Town Hall Square, became the home of the Blackheads Merchant Guide as early as the 15th century. Destroyed in the war in 1941, it was rebuilt to honor the city's 800th anniversary in 2001.

St. Peter's Church in Riga, Latvia

Saint Peter's Church

St. Peter's Church, the tallest church in Latvia, is visible in the background of the photo. The first mention of the church was in 1209, but since then it has burnt and been rebuilt numerous times. The latest reconstruction, after being destroyed in fighting during World War II, includes a tower that is 123.25 meters (404 ft), with a public viewing platform at 72 meters. 

The Riga Dome Cathedral

The Dome Cathedral

One of the largest and oldest cathedrals in the Baltics, the Dome Cathedral had its cornerstone laid in 1211. Destroyed and rebuilt several times, its now a composition of different architectural styles, including its Baroque style tower built in 1775. Another of the cathedral's attractions is the famed pipe organ built in 1884. At the time it was the largest organ in the world with 6718 pipes.

Three Brothers in Old Riga

Three Brothers

Probably the best example of medieval residential buildings in Riga. The oldest of the 3, № 17 (the white house), was built in the 15th century and is the oldest stone-dwelling structure in Riga.

Saint John the Baptist Cathedral, Riga

St. John's Cathedral

The first information about Saint John's Cathedral appeared in 1297. Used as a Dominican church and monastery, the cathedral is most famous for two monks who were bricked into the southern wall and spent their lives being fed trough a window from the outside.

House of Dannenstern, Old Riga

House of Dannenstern

A good example of Baroque style architecture, this private residence, built in 1696, was once the largest home in Riga, belonging to Dutch merchant Ernest Metsu.

Swedish Gate, Riga

Swedish Gate

Built by the ruling Swedes in 1698, this is the last remaining gate to the old city. Only the Swedish Gate, the Powder Tower, a small section of the Old City Walls, and the Riga City Canal (network of old moats) remain to remind visitors of the Riga's prior fortifications.

Riga Castle, Latvia

Riga Castle

Founded in 1330 on the bank of the Daugava River, the historic Riga Castle serves as the residence of the Latvian president and houses both the Latvian Foreign Art Museum and the Rainis Museum of Literature and Art History.

Latvian National Opera House, Riga

National Opera House

The building itself was constructed from 1860-1863, has 1240 seats, 150 standing places and 3 balconies. The Latvian National Opera company. which calls the facility its home is recognized worldwide for its youthful brashness and willingness to take risks. For information on upcoming performances and ticket information, see the opera's official website.

Green Area of the Riga City Canal

Riga City Canal

The Green Area of the city center runs along a 3.2 km canal and moat system which was originally part of Old Riga's defensive network. The area gained its present appearance following the destruction of the ramparts in 1857 and its subsequent development into parkland in the early 20th century.

Powder Tower - Military Museum, Old Riga

Powder Tower, Old Riga

Originally serving as a defensive structure, the tower has undergone reconstruction since its origin sometime in the 13th or 14th century. It received its namesake when it became a gunpowder depot in the 17th century. In 1916 it was appropriately converted into the Latvian War Museum.

Victory Arch in Riga, Latvia

Triumphal Arch, Riga

The only Triumphal Arch in Latvia, it was built in 1817 to honor the 1812 victory over Napoleon. Originally built on Brivibas Street, known as Alexander's Street at the time of its erection, you can now see the victory arch in the Garden of Viestur.

bridge over Daugava River, Riga

Bridge over Daugava River

Scenic photo of bridge crossing the Daugava River.

Riga Central (Train) Station

Riga Train Station

Riga's Central Station or  "Centrala Stacija" in Latvian, is located on the eastern edge of the capital city's historic center.

Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum, Riga

Ethnographic Museum

Latvian Ethnographic Museum is 100 hectares of old Latvian farmsteads, churches and villages that give visitors an up-close view of Latvian culture from the past. For more information, visit the museum's official website


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