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HOME: Russian Alphabet

Russian Alphabet Pronunciation


Learn the Russian alphabet pronunciation with the Russian language teaching alphabet below.


How many letters in the Russian alphabet? The full Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters. There are 11 vowels, 20 consonants and 2 letters which do not designate any sound (instead they make the word harder or softer).


Russian letter Letter's name Pronounced Transliteration Vowel
in Russian
А "ah" a in car a x
Б "beh" b in bit b -
В "veh" v in vine v -
Г "geh" g in go g -
Д "deh" d in do d -
Е "yeh" ye in yet ye or e x
Ё "yo" yo in yolk yo x
Ж "zheh" s in pleasure zh -
З "zeh" z in zoo z -
И "ee" ee in see i x
Й "ee kratkoyeh" y in boy i or y or j -
"short ee"
К "kah" k in kitten k -
Л "ehl" l in lamp l -
М "ehm" m in map m -
Н "ehn" n in not n -
О "oh" o in folk o x
П "peh" p in pet p -
Р "ehr" r in roll r -
С "ehs" s in see s -
Т "teh" t in tip t -
У "oo" oo in boot u x
Ф "ehf" f in face f -
Х "khah" h in house kh or h -
Ц "tseh" ts in sits ts -
Ч "cheh" ch in chip ch -
Ш "shah" sh in shut sh -
Щ "schyah" sh in sheep sch -
Ъ "tvyordiy znahk"   ' -
"hard sign"
Ы "i" i in ill y x
Ь "myagkeey znahk"   ' -
"soft sign"
Э "eh" e in met e x
Ю "yoo" u in use yu x
Я "yah" ya in yard ya x



Click to hear the entire Russian Alphabet Pronunciation in succession.



Another good resource to help with your Russian Pronunciation is Listen2Russian, a non-commercial website with original sound recordings combined with the Russian text, English translations and phonetic transliterations.