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HOME: Russian Literature

Russian Literature


Russian literature comprises some of the most well known authors in world literature. Mention names like Chekov, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky or Nabokov and most everyone, even those who are not well read, will identify them as world renowned authors.


If you are traveling to Russia, studying Russian, or simply want to gain an insight into this great nation and its people, it is essential that you take some time to read a few works of Russian literature.




Handbook of Russian Literature Paperback: 577 pages
If you are a fan of Russian Literature, then this is a must for your library. The "Handbook" has nearly one thousand entries, providing comprehensive coverage of every aspect of Russian literature during the past ten centuries. Its a one volume encyclopedia containing entries written by over one hundred scholars and ably edited by Victor Terras.

Selected Stories of Anton Chekov Paperback: 496 pages
If you can have only one collection of Chekhov stories, this is the one to have. The selection covers Chekhov's entire career, and includes such masterpieces as "Ward No. 6", "The Lady with the Little Dog", "Gusev", "The House with the Mezzanine", "In the Ravine", and many others (30 stories total).

Anna Karenina Paperback: 838 pages
Leo Tolstoy weaves a magic web in a tale of the title character and her scandalous affair with Alexei Vronsky. Some regard Ana Karenina as the godmother of the modern romance novel, others as the best novel ever written. Whatever the opinion, it is a remarkable, ageless story that is more real than fiction. Though a work of Russian literature from a century and a half ago, its essence still resonates today.

Crime and Punishment Paperback: 576 pages
Crime and Punishment, by Fyodor Dostoevsky, is the fascinating story of an impoverished student plagued by the thought that a single death could make the world a better place. When the student, Raskolnikov, puts his philosophical theory to the ultimate test of murder, a tragic tale of suffering and redemption unfolds. Often regarded as one of the great works of world literature, it is a must read.

The White Guard Paperback: 319 pages
This Mikhail Bulgakov novel, set in Kiev during the Russian Revolution, tells the story of war's effect on a middle class family. The Turbin family struggles against the imminent end of their old way of life while facing a forever altered and uncertain future. The White Guard, like most great works of literature, exhorts the human spirit to persevere through trials and suffering. A fascinating work of Russian literature, particularly if you enjoy history about the Russian Revolution.

The Compromise Paperback: 148 pages
An easy but thought provoking read, this book contains short stories of Sergei Dovlatov's true experiences with journalistic manipulation in the Soviet Union. This provocative piece of Russian literature will keep you laughing, and also make you wonder if newspapers are as accurate as you once believed.