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Saint Petersburg Trains

Saint Petersburg has five functioning train stations, all of which are situated in close proximity to the metro. (St Petersburg Metro map)

Baltiysky Train Station
• Destinations: Baltiysky station operates local service to outlying communities.
• Metro station: Baltiskaya
Baltiysky commuter trains (short distance)

Finlandsky Train Station
• Also called: Finlandsky Terminal, Finlandsky Railway Station, Финляндский вокзал, Finlyansky Vokzal, Finland Station
• Finlandsky Station was opened in 1870
• Destinations: Northern destinations including Vyborg and Helsinki, Finland
• Metro station: Ploshchad Lenina
• schedule for Finlandsky commuter trains (short distance elektrichki)

Ladozhsky Train Station
• Also called: Ladoga Rail Terminal, Ladozhsky Railway Station, Ладожский вокзал, Ladozhsky Vokzal, Ladoga Station
• opened in 2003, Ladozhsky Terminal is the newest and most modern railway station in St Petersburg, Russia
• Destinations: Routes to the North and East of Saint Petersburg
• Metro station: Ladozhskaya
• schedule for Ladozhsky commuter trains (short distance elektrichki)

Moskovsky Train Station
• Also called: Moscow Rail Terminal, Moskovsky Railway Station, Московский вокзал, Moskovsky Vokzal, Moscow Station
• Moskovsky Railway Station is the "main" line terminal station in Saint Petersburg and as such, sometimes appears in Russian as Главный вокзал (Main Station).
• constructed in 1851, Moskovsky Station is the oldest preserved railway station in Saint Petersburg
• Destinations: Terminus for the Moscow-St Petersburg Railway, as well as routes running to Central and South Russia, Siberia, Eastern Ukraine and Crimea.
• Metro station: Mayakovskaya and Ploshchad Vosstaniya
• schedule for Moskovsky commuter trains (short distance elektrichki)

Varshavsky (Warsaw)
• A former passenger train station, the Warsaw railway station now serves as the Museum of Railway Machinery.
• Metro station: Baltiskaya
• Learn more about the Museum of Railway Machinery

Vitebsky Train Station
• Also called: Vitebsky Rail Terminal, Vitebsky Railway Station, Витебский вокзал, Vitebsky Vokzal, Vitebsk Station
• opened in 1837, under its original name Tsarskoe Selo Station, it was Russia's first Railway Terminal
• Destinations: Routes to Central Europe, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Belarus and to southern suburbs of St Petersburg, such as Pushkin and Pavlovsk
• Metro station: Pushkinskaya
• schedule for Vitebsky commuter trains (short distance elektrichki)

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