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Sevastopol Map

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Sevastopol Photos


Enjoy our Sevastopol photo album including local Sevastopol photographs and pictures of Sevastopol Crimea tourist attractions.


Sevastopol photographs

view of the Sevastopol port

Sevastopol Port, Crimea

Panorama Museum in Sevastopol, Ukraine

Panorama Museum

Photo of entrance to the Panorama Museum of Sevastopol where you can see a stunning 360 degree depiction of the June 6, 1855 French-British-Turk assault on Sevastopol as it would have been witnessed from the heights of Malakhov Hill.

1854-1855 Defense of Sevastopol Monument

Defense of Sevastopol

Monument dedicated to the Defense of Sevastopol with special recognition paid to Eduard Totleben (top), a brilliant military engineer of German descent responsible for constructing and managing defensive works during the 1854-1855 siege. 

Black Sea embankment in Sevastopol, Ukraine

Black Sea Embankment

Photo of the Youth Palace (former Pioneers Palace) in the center. To the left is the Institute of Biology of Southern Seas and Sevastopol Aquarium.

Monument to Sunken Ships, Sevastopol

Monument to Sunken Ships

Museum of the Black Sea Fleet, Sevastopol

Black Sea Fleet Museum

Located in Sevastopol city center at 11 Lenin Street, the museum is full of historic artifacts, maps, replica ships, and detailed history of the Black Sea Fleet dating back to its founding in the late 18th century.

State Reserve Chersonese Tavrichesky, Sevastopol

Ancient City Walls

Sevastopol is home to the Chersonese Historical and Archeological Reserve which contains ruins from different periods in time, dating back to the ancient Greek city of Khersones to the more recent Byzantine city walls seen in the photograph.

Anciet Greek ruins at Khersones in the Ukraine

Mosaic Floor, Khersones

Photo of ceramic tile floor uncovered at the ancient Greek ruins of Khersones in Sevastopol, Ukraine.

St. Vladimir Cathedral, Chersonesos Monastery

St. Vladimir Cathedral #1

Photo of one of Sevastopol's two St. Vladimir Cathedrals, taken from the ruins of Khersones (Chersonesus). This Saint Vladimir Cathedral saw its reconstruction during the 1990's, since it was severely damaged during the Great Patriotic War (1941-45).

Fog Bell (Tumany Kolokol), Sevastopol

Chersonese Fog Bell

Located on the grounds of the Chersonese Historical and Archeological Reserve, next to St. Vladimir Cathedral (above), is the Fog Bell (Tumany Kolokol), cast from captured German cannons in 1776. It disappeared after the fall of Sevastopol in 1855 only to turn up in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in 1913.

Saint Vladimir Cathedral, Sevastopol

St. Vladimir Cathedral #2

At another Vladimir Cathedral, found on central city hill, you'll find the Tomb of Admirals, a burial vault of great admirals of the Black Sea Fleet. This Saint Vladimir Cathedral is slightly older than the first. Construction commenced just prior to the 1854-1855 siege.

Admiral Pavel Nakhimov Monument, Sevastopol

Pavel Nakhimov Statue

Monument dedicated to one of the most famous admirals in Russian naval history, Admiral Pavel Nakhimov (1802-1855). He is best remembered for his role as commander of Russian land and sea forces during the 1854 to 1855 Siege of Sevastopol in which he, himself was mortally wounded by an enemy sniper.

Sevastopol's seaside boardwalk

Sevastopol Boardwalk

Visitors to Sevastopol will enjoy the seaside walkways along the harbor. There are plenty of street vendors, cafes, restaurants, as well as bars and nightclubs that operate well into the night.

Soviet World War II railway gun

Railway Gun, Sevastopol

Not far from the Sevastopol Train Station and Central Bus Station is a large 180mm artillery gun that saw active fighting against Fascist invaders during World War II.

exhibit at the Sevastopol Aquarium

Marine Aquarium Museum

The Sevastopol Marine Aquarium Museum, founded in 1897, is home to one of the oldest public aquariums in Europe, the oldest in Ukraine. Exhibits not only include Black Sea life, but those of tropical coral reefs, North Sea marine life, and fresh water fish and reptiles.

Black Sea Fleet warship

Black Sea Fleet

Sevastopol has been the principle base of Russia's Black Sea Fleet ever since Prince Potemkin annexed Crimea to Russia in 1783. This will all change when the Russian fleet moves to its new home in Novorossiysk around 2012, leaving the port of Sevastopol in sole hands of Ukraine's Black Sea Fleet.


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