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Sevastopol (Севастополь) is a city situated on the Crimean Peninsula south-west of Simferopol (see map). With a population of 350,000 inhabitants (2005), it is an important commercial and naval port as well as an increasingly popular tourist destination.

The present day city stands at the site of Khersones, an ancient Greek city founded in 421 BC. The city prospered for nearly a millennium, passing to the Roman Empire in the 1 century AD and the Byzantine Empire in the 4th century. Even in the Middle Ages it remained a large trading and political center for a Genoese trade colony before being destroyed by Tartar invaders in 1399.

Despite such a rich ancient past, Sevastopol's true notoriety comes as a result of its role as the home to Russia's Black Sea Fleet. Since its inclusion into the the Russian Empire in 1783, the city has faced two legendary sieges. The first 349 day siege (1854-1855) occurred at the hands of French and British forces during the Crimean War. The second 250 day siege (1941-1942) came at the hands of Nazi German forces during World War II. For the latter defense Sevastopol earned the recognition of Hero City in 1945.

Today the city still serves as the principal Black Sea naval base for both the Russian and Ukrainian navies. Unlike the days of the Soviet Union, however, the city is no longer a closed city. A new wave of invaders, tourists numbering over 500,000 annually, now come to see Sevastopol's many attractions. In a single afternoon you can travel through almost 2500 years of history; from an excursion through the ancient ruins of Khersones, to a harbor tour where you will see modern warships and submarines at their berths.


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