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Simferopol, Crimea Guide

by Galina

Hi! My name is Galina. I live in Simferopol city, the capital of the Crimea resort region of south of Ukraine. I'm fluent in English, German, and French.
I am ready be you guide any days from 9 am to 21 pm.
The typical price for guide service in Crimea is $15 per hour. As such, I also charge this amount.
My email is
My skype is yourbesthalf
and my phone number is +380 508 737 951
I am a student at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. I have talked with foreigners as a student, and also have experience as a guide interpreter for several tourists who have visited Crimea. They liked my sociability, attention, education, and sense of humor.
I also have some friends who would be glad to walk around with you as well.
All the best in your travels to Ukraine,

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