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HOME: Study in Russia

Study in Russia, Ukraine


If you want to study in Russia or Ukraine, you have 3 different options.


1. The first Study in Russia option includes "Language Study" programs which last anywhere from one week to several months.


These programs are developed for individuals studying for shorter periods of time and generally incorporate cultural events, home stays and activities.


teach English abroad

Language Study programs generally cater to first time visitors and thus provide a high level of personal support and attention. This option can make a first trip to Russia substantially less confusing, a good option for those who want to "get their feet wet" before venturing off onto more independent travel. It is also a good trial-run for those seriously considering degree / university study in Russia or Ukraine. Listed below are a few of the more popular programs.


Russia Language Centre - St. Petersburg

Derzhavin Institute - St. Petersburg

Business Russian - St. Petersburg

TRKI Exam Preparation Course (TORFL) - St. Petersburg

"Privet!" - Kaliningrad, Russia





2. The second Study in Russia option is a "Degree Study" program designed for foreigners who want to eventually complete their post-secondary studies in Russia or Ukraine.

Many Russian universities offer preliminary language study courses (UPC or University Preparatory Courses) for foreigners who want to eventually enroll in regular university classes. At the end of the preparatory course (usually after one academic year) students entering degree studies must pass a language exam (TORFL or Test of Russian as a Foreign Language).


If you are not planning to matriculate into a Russian university, you can still take UPC, however you will be bound by it's very intensive schedule and structure. If you're willing to dedicate a year of hard work this is, nevertheless, the best option if you're serious about learning Russian.


The choice of Degree Study Programs throughout Russia, Ukraine and the CIS are limitless. Follow a link below to see prospective universities in your preferred city.




3. The third Study in Russia option is "Independent Study". If a structured program is not what you are looking for (or if you are on a tighter budget), it is possible to find independent tutors who are more flexible in terms of course content.


Some tutors advertise in English language newspapers, but generally finding a tutor is just word of mouth. Once in Russia, head to the local university and put up an ad on a bulletin board or simply ask around at the foreign languages department.


Another alternative is to contact one of the independent guides listed on our web-site. We have guides from over 60 cities throughout Russia, Ukraine and the CIS, so you have the luxury of choosing which city you would prefer to visit. Most of the guides / interpreters have studied in foreign language departments and would be happy to refer a friend or acquaintance who could help.