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HOME: Sumy: Photos

Sumy Photos


Enjoy our Sumy photo album including local Sumy photographs and pictures of Sumy Ukraine tourist attractions.


Sumy photographs

Sumy city center, Ukraine

Sumy, Ukraine

Rather quiet city center in Sumy, Ukraine.

St. Transfiguration Cathedral in Sumy, Ukraine

Sumy City Center

Photo of Saint Transfiguration Cathedral (1776-1788), in downtown Sumy.

old fortress wall, Sumy

Cossack Fortress Wall

Sumy was founded as a Cossack fortress in 1652 to protect from Crimean Tatar attacks. Evidence of the old fortress wall is still evident along this Sumy street.

Photo by fotosergio

see copyright information

Sumy's historic city center

Sumy's Historic City Center

Photo of old fort wall from the opposite direction, with the dome and bell tower of Saint Transfiguration Cathedral in the background.

Photo by fotosergio

see copyright information

Resurrection Church in Sumy, Ukraine

Church of Resurrection

Oldest intact structure in Sumy, Resurrection Church was started by the city's founder Gerasim Kondratiev and was finished by his son Andrew in 1702. It served both as a place of worship and a defensive structure in the northwest part of the fortress.

Sumy, Ukraine pedestrian street

Sumy Pedestrian Street

Sumy pedestrian street in the city center. You can see the spires of the Church of Resurrection sticking up in the middle of the photo.

Altanka arbor in Sumy, Ukraine

Altanka, Symbol of Sumy

Wooden arbor "Altanka" in Sumy's city center. You can also see the Sumy Local Lore Museum (history museum) on the left side of the photo.

Photo by fotosergio

see copyright information

landscaped walkway in Sumy, Ukraine

City Center Walkway

Sumy is ecologically one the cleanest and most attractive cities in Ukraine.

Photo by Ruslik

see copyright information

Psel River, Ukraine

Psel River, Sumy

Photo of scenic Psel River in the heart of Sumy, Ukraine.

Sadko Fountain in Sumy city center

Sadko Fountain, Sumy

Photo by Ruslik

see copyright information

Sumy Vokzal

Sumy Train Station

Ukrainian Banking Academy in Sumy, Ukraine

Banking Academy, Sumy

Grounds of the Ukrainian Banking Academy.

Photo by fotosergio

see copyright information

Banking Academy clocktower, Sumy

Academy Clock Tower

Popular city landmark overlooking Sumy's Independence Square (Ploshad Nezavisimosty).

Church of St. Elijah, Sumy

Saint Elias Church, Sumy

Church of St. Elias (Elijah) was started in 1839, but only completed in 1859 due to fire. Builders scrapped the idea of using wood for a stone structure that combines elements of the Renaissance, Baroque and Classic styles.

Kharkov Street, Sumy

Kharkovskaya Ulitsa, Sumy

Photo down Kharkov Street in Sumy Ukraine.

war memorial in Sumy, Ukraine

WWII Memorial, Sumy

Tank memorial in Sumy paying tribute to liberators of the city during the Soviet's Great Patriotic War with fascist Germany.

street fish vendors in Sumy, Ukraine

Street-Side Fish Vendors


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