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Tolyatti Map

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Tolyatti Photos


Enjoy our Tolyatti photo album including local Togliatti photographs and pictures of Tolyatti Russia tourist attractions.


Tolyatti photographs

Tolyatti, Russia

Tolyatti, Russia

Transfiguration of the Savior Cathedral, Tolyatti

Tolyatti Cathedral

Photo of a new (2002), but nonetheless impressive landmark in Tolyatti, Russia, the Transfiguration of the Savior Cathedral.

Photo by Mamchenkov

see copyright information

Palmiro Togliatti

Palmiro Togliatti

Italian Communist Party leader from 1927 until his death (vacationing in Yalta) in 1964. Palmiro Togliatti lived in the USSR after his exile by the Italian Fascist government in 1926 until the end of World War II. In 1964 the city of Stavropol-na-Volga changed its name to Togliatti (Tolyatti) in his honor, as he was instrumental in establishing the local AutoVAZ (Lada) plant in collaboration with Italian auto manufacturer Fiat.

Komsomolsky district in Togliatti, Russia

Komsomolsky Region

Photo of Komsomolsky district in Tolyatti, Russia.

Vasily Tatischev Monument, Tolyatti

Vasily Tatischev Monument

Prominent Russian statesman and ethnographer, Vasily Tatischev founded present day Tolyatti in 1737.

Kark Marx statue, Tolyatti

Karl Marx Monument

Bust of socialist icon.

Photo by unkultur

see copyright information

Revolutionary Street, Tolyatti

Revolyutsonaya Ulitsa

Rush hour in Tolyatti.

AvtoVAZ Lada monument, Tolyatti

AvtoVAZ Lada Monument

Monument with famous Lada symbol, trademark of Tolyatti AvtoVAZ car manufacturer.

Temple of the Assumption, Tolyatti

Temple of the Assumption

Attractive wooden temple on Komsomolsky Highway, built in 2000.

Photo by Mamchenkov

see copyright information

Volgar Sports Palace, Togliatti

Volgar Sports Palace

Home of the HC Lada hockey club in Tolyatti, Russia.

HC Lada Togliatti, Russia Super League

HC Lada Togliatti

Tolyatti hockey club, playing in the Russia Super League.

FC Lada Togliatti football club

FC Lada Togliatti

Tolyatti football club (lite blue)

Togliatti River Vokzal, Russia

Tolyatti River Terminal

Volga River from Tolyatti, Russia

Volga River, Tolyatti

Photo of Volga River from the cliffs of Tolyatti (Togliatti) (Komsomolsky district).

summer in Togliatti, Russia

Tolyatti Summer

Residents enjoying summer stroll in a Tolyatti park.

Photo by unkultur

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