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HOME: Russian / Ukrainian Culture: Ethnic Ukrainian Music

Traditional Ukrainian Folk Songs


Traditional Ukrainian folk songs are another of Ukraine's popular cultural exports. You don't have to understand the native language to become infected in the rich melodies and unique vocals characteristic of Ukrainian folk music. For the most part Ukrainian folk songs are happy, upbeat arrangements - a celebration of life, love, renewal. Even under less than auspicious times, Ukrainian songs manage to make light of the circumstances and uplift one's spirit. It's a true testament to the positive, good natured character of the nation and it's people.


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Below we've compiled just a few Ukrainian folk songs - from the authentic Ukrainian folk music of village life - to the folk inspired songs of modern Ukrainian performers.



Traditional Ukrainian Folk Songs



Коломийка (Kolomeyka) - folk group "Irshava"





Traditional Ukrainian folk song and dance originating from the Pokuttia region along the Ukrainian, Polish, Romanian border.



Traditional "Boiko" Song and Dance





Traditional Ukrainian folk song and dance of Ukrainian Carpathian highlanders known as Boiki.



Ти ж мене підманула (You've Let Me Down)

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Добрий вечір тобі (Good Evening To You) - sung by Ruslana

traditional Ukrainian Christmas song


Ukrainian Christmas Songs




Modern Ukrainian Folk Groups / Performers



Руслана (Ruslana) - Ukrainian National Anthem (at Klitchko fight in Germany)

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Михаил Поплавский (Mikhail Poplavski) - Сало (Salo)

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София Ротару (Sofia Rotaru) - Одна калина (One Guelder Rose)

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