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Ulyanovsk Interpreter

by Yakubova Alisa
(Ulyanovsk Russia)


My name is Alisa, I live in Ulyanovsk region, Russia, city Ulyanovsk. I can speak English and a little bit German.

For the time being I work as interpreter in AeroComposit company, which focuses on aerospace composite technologies. Before that I experienced to be employed as interpreter on UAZ plant. Both positions require good technical and linguistic knowledge as well as excellent communicative skills.

Technical interpreting practice within working on the production site of both plants gave me basic mechanical and electrical principles of the equipment (presses, foundry and forging, welding, machining, painting, assembly lines) while interpreting of business negotiations helped me to expand my perspectives.

I got my linguistic education at the Ulyanovsk State University, from which I was graduated at 2010. Now I am thinking about further education in Economics and Finance. I think it will help me to promote in my future carrier.

My contacts:
Tel: +7-927-984-8220

In order to check availability of interpreting assistance from my side, feel free to contact me.

Best regards,

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