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Ulyanovsk (Ульяновск) is a city situated in the central part of European Russia on the bank of the Volga River (see map). With a population of 658,000 inhabitants (2005), its a large industrial center most recognized for its auto manufacturer (UAZ) and airplane manufacturer (Aviastar). Prior to the end of the Soviet Union, it was also a popular destination for good communists who came to see the birthplace of Vladimir Lenin.

Founded in 1648 as a fortress to defend Russia's southern border, it was originally known as Simbirsk before being renamed Ulyanovsk in Lenin's honour (Vladimir Ulyanov). The city is the capital of an oblast (administrative district) that goes by the same name. Ulyanovsk Oblast is a multinational territory where people of more than 80 nationalities have lived and worked peacefully for centuries. Russians, Tatars, Chuvashes, and Mordvins are the predominant nationalities.


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