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Vinnitsa Dating


Interested in Vinnitsa dating? Regardless whether you are searching for a pen pal, activity partner or a serious marriage minded Vinnitsa woman, there are numerous options.




Men interested in finding a Vinnitsa bride can browse profiles of single Vinnitsa girls from an online marriage agency.

(For Vinnitsa dating, use the search parameters in brackets)

  1. CuteOnly (Advanced Search: Vinnitsa)
  2. AnastasiaWeb (Country: Ukraine, City: Vinnitsa)
  3. A Foreign Affair (Advanced Keyword Search: Vinnitsa)
  4. UkraineDate (Country: Ukraine, City: Vinnitsa)
  5. Elena's Models (Keyword Search: Vinnitsa)

Another option is to explore free Russian dating sites. These sites are not marriage agencies, but free Vinnitsa personals. Just a few free Russia - Ukraine dating sites include:

Each site allows you to explore Vinnitsa profiles from a searchable database. If you want to post your own profile and photos, or contact one of the thousands of Vinnitsa women and men with personal ads, you must register. (Remember, it's free!)


Registration may pose a problem since these sites are only in Russian. To assist you, we've provided step by step registration instructions. (Simply follow the link).


If you want to search for single Vinnitsa girls or guys, choose one of the free Russian dating sites above, and use the instructions below to explore the world of online Vinnitsa dating.


(Remember, this is just a guideline, so search parameters will vary slightly from site to site).


Find a Single Vinnitsa Girl or Guy

  1. In the 1st search query, where it say Я (I), choose Парень (Guy), Девушка (Girl) or Пара М+Ж (Couple Male+Female).

  2. In the 2nd search query, where it says Найти (Find) or Ищу (I'm looking for), choose Парня (Guy), Девушку (Girl) or Пару М+Ж (Couple Male+Female).

  3. The 3rd and 4th boxes are self explanatory. Simply fill in the age range of your search. Возраст (Age) от (from)...... до (to)......

  4. The next query, Где (Where) or Страна (Country), is where you choose the city Vinnitsa.

    • Scroll down & click the last selection...
      Выбрать другой город (Choose another city).
    • Страна: now select country Украина (Ukraine).
    • Регион: next select Винницкая обл.
      (Vinnytsia region).
    • Город: finally, select Винница (Vinnytsia).
  5. Leave the next box с фотографией or с фото (with photos) "checked" if you only want profiles with photographs.

  6. "Check" сейчас на сайте if you want to find profiles of members currently online.

  7. "Check" скрывать предложения интим-услуг if you want to remove profiles of escorts from your search results.

  8. Finally, press Искать! (Search!) to initiate your search.



So you think you will give Vinnitsa Dating a try?

Here's several useful tools for dating Vinnitsa girls and guys.



Google Translate Correspond with Russian friends using fast and accurate English to Russian and Russian to English text translation.

Phone Translation Service
Phone friends in Russia and CIS countries who do not speak English. Trained Russian interpreters will assist you in your 3-way call no matter where in the world you're calling from.