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Vinnitsa Map

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HOME: Vinnitsa: Photos

Vinnitsa Photos


Enjoy our Vinnitsa photo album including local Vinnytsia photographs and pictures of Vinnitsa Ukraine tourist attractions.


Vinnitsa photographs

Vinnitsa, Ukraine city center

Vinnitsa City Center

Pedestrians enjoying a stroll in downtown Vinnitsa.

Water Tower and Afghan War Museum in Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Water Tower, Vinnitsa

Former water tower of Vinnitsa fire department, now home to the Afghan War Museum (free admission). In front of the tower is the Slavic War Memorial Park.

Slavic War Memorial Park, Vinnitsa

War Memorial Park

Slavic War Memorial Park, with a large statue of 3 soldiers and the eternal flame commemorating those who perished during the Soviet's Great Patriotic War (WWII).

Sadovsky Drama Theater, Vinnitsa

Vinnitsa Drama Theater

Visitors can enjoy dramas, comedies and musicals at the Sadovsky Vinnitsa Regional Music and Drama Theater located in the city center, not far off Sobornaya Street.

Cathedral of Transfiguration, Vinnitsa

Transfiguration Cathedral

Holy Transfiguration Cathedral was opened in 1758 as the Dominican Monastery. The monetary was closed in 1831 and used as an organ hall during the Soviet era, until it was reopened as an orthodox cathedral in 1991. It is located across from the Central Post, next to the Vinnitsa Nature and History Museum.

historic school house in Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Old Vinnitsa School House

Historic building in Vinnitsa was former school of famed, two time Hero of the Soviet Union, General Ivan Chernyakhovsky. The General commanded the 3rd Belorussian Front and died from wounds received outside Königsberg in 1945.

Nikolai Pirogov Museum in Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Nikolai Pirogov Museum

Museum-estate of famous Russian doctor Nikolai Pirogov (1810-1881) who, amongst other things, is credited with developing the plaster cast and using either as an anesthetic to perform early field surgery.

Vinnitsa Regional Administration

Vinnitsa Administration

Regional administrative building of Vinnitsa Oblast.

Saint Mary Evangelical Church, Vinnitsa

Evangelical Church

Saint Mary Evangelical Church (1745), with its Tuscan Baroque facade.

Vinnytsia Vokzal (Train Station)

Vinnitsa Railway Station

Taxies waiting in front of the Vinnitsa Vokzal.

bridge over Southern Bug River, Vinnytsia

Southern Bug River Bridge

Photo of central bridge over the Southern Bug River in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

Vinnytsia Central Department Store

Vinnitsa Department Store

The city's central department store, "Vinnitsa Univermag".

entrance to Gorky Park, Vinnytsia

Gorky Park, Vinnitsa

Entrance to Central Park of Culture and Rest, named in Gorky's honor. The arch and monument were built in 1961 in recognition of the first manned flight into space.

fighter pilot monument in Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Monument to Fighter Pilots

Photo of monument to fighter pilots who helped liberate Vinnitsa during World War 2. (The monument incorporates an old fighter jet although the Soviets didn't fly their first jet until 1946.)

Victory Day Parade, Vinnytsia

Victory Day Parade

Photo of May 9, Victory Day Parade in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

Vinnytsia tram

Tram in Vinnitsa, Ukraine

German Eastern Front Headquarters 1942-1943

Wehrwolf German Bunker

Adolf Hitler's World War II headquarters used to conduct operations on the Eastern Front from 1942-1943. Little to see other than ruins and several monuments to prisoners who were shot after construction of the complex was finished. (War history enthusiasts may find the site interesting.) Located just 10km north of Vinnitsa at the village of Stryzhavka.


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