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HOME: Yalta: Photos

Yalta Photos


Enjoy our Yalta photo album including local Yalta photographs and pictures of Yalta Crimea tourist attractions.


Yalta photographs

Yalta Resort on the Crimean Peninsula

Yalta, Ukraine

The resort city of Yalta is situated in a truly picturesque setting between the Crimean Mountains in the north and the Black Sea in the south.

panorama view of Yalta

Bird's Eye View of Yalta

Photo of Yalta from the air. For those with lots of cash, there's a heliport in the Crimean resort town. 

Yalta city street

Yalta Pedestrian Street

With a warm climate, seafront promenade, historic streets and mountain surroundings, Yalta is a joy for vacationers who simply want to stroll at their own pace.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Yalta, Ukraine

Yalta Orthodox Cathedral

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, consecrated in 1902, was built to commemorate the death of Tsar Alexander II (assassinated in 1881). The first block of the cathedral was laid by his widow, empress Maria Fedorovna, on the 10th anniversary of her husbands assassination.

Livadia Palace, Crimea

Livadia Palace, Crimea

Located just 3km outside of Yalta, the Livadia Palace was the summer retreat for the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II and his family. Also site of the 1945 Yalta Conference when leaders of the USA, United Kingdom and host Soviet Union met to discus plans for post-war Europe.

cable-cars in Yalta, Ukraine

Darsan Hill Cable-Car

Running from the sea front up Darsan Hill, these cable-cars for two are a great way to see the beauty of Yalta, day or night (run until 11pm).

Chekhov's house in Yalta, Crimea

Chekhov House-Museum

Former residence of famous Russian writer and playwright Anton Chekhov. It was here, in 1898, that Chekhov purchased a plot of land and built a small home. Guests who visited him here include Leo Tolstoy and Maxim Gorky. Here in Yalta he also wrote plays Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard and one of his most famous stories The Lady with the Dog.

Armenian chuch in Yalta, Ukraine

Armenian Church, Yalta

Saint Rapsime Armenian Church, constructed from 1909-1914, was built by architect Ter-Mikelov in accordance with drafts from famous artist V. Surenyants.

sign at the entrance of the Yalta Zoo

Yalta Zoo, Crimea

The Yalta Zoo is home to numerous exotic species of herbivores, omnivores and carnivores including the rare Siberian tiger.

Aquarium in Yalta

Yalta Aquarium, Crimea

Photo of a dolphin show at the Yalta Aquarium.

Meadow of Fairy Tales, Yalta

Meadow of Fairy Tales

Translated "Polyana Skazok" in Russian, the park contains scenes and characters of well-known Russian and Ukrainian fairy tales.

Yalta beach on Crimea's Black Sea shore

Yalta Beach, Black Sea

Photo of a typical sunny day on a Yalta beach during the peak summer tourist season. To get the best spot, you need to go early with your towel and "reserve" your area.

Vorontsovsky Palace in Alushta, Crimea

Vorontsov Palace, Alupka

Photo of the southern facade of Vorontsov Palace (also known as Alupka Palace). Located in resort town of Alupka, 17km (11 miles) south of Yalta, the palace was constructed 1830-1848 as the summer residence of Prince Mikhail Vorontsov.

Swallow's Nest in Crimea, Ukraine

Swallow's Nest, Crimea

A mock-medieval castle of Neo-Gothic design, the Swallow's Nest was built in 1911-1912 by Baron von Steinheil, a wealthy Baltic German noble. It sits on top of the 40 meter (130 foot) high Aurora Cliff west of Yalta, near the small resort town of Gaspra (home of Leo Tolstoy in 1901 and 1902).

Massandra Winery, Crimea

Massandra Winery

Entrance to the Massandra Winery which was founded in 1890 to supply wine to Russian Tsar Nicholas II's nearby summer palace. Winery tours will acquaint you with the history and process of winemaking in Crimea and allow you to taste some of the renowned Muscat dessert wines and port wines produced there.

Massandra Palace, Crimea

Massandra Palace

Palace of Tsar Alexander III (1845-1894), that was completed in 1900. The Tsar, therefore never had the opportunity to live it, but was used as a holiday residence of Communist Party elite, including the likes of General Secretary Joseph Stalin.

Nikitsky Botanical Garden near Yalta

Nikitsky Botanical Garden

Founded in 1812, the Nikitsky Botanical Garden covers an area of 11 square kilometers. With a collection of over 50,000 species and hybrids of flowers, shrubs and trees, it serves both as a research center and a favorite Crimea tourist attraction.


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