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HOME: Ukraine Travel: Yalta: Transportation

Yalta Transportation


Yalta transportation is limited to taxies, buses and the famous Crimean Trolleybus Line.


If you will be traveling to Yalta from outside of Crimea, your best bet is to take a train or a plane to Simferopol, then catch a taxi, bus or trolleybus to your final destination in Yalta. See Simferopol transport.


An exception to this rule are Ukraine's private charter bus companies which have bus routes from Kiev directly to Yalta. See more info below.



Distance (km) to Other Crimea Destinations

Yalta, Crimea transportation


Yalta Trolleybus Departures

Yalta trolleybus to Simferopol

Yalta trolleybus to Alushta



Directory of Local Yalta Transportation

  • Yalta Trolleybus Station
    • 8 Moskovskaya Ulitsa
    • phone: 380 (654) 327 994
  • Yalta Bus Station
    • 8 Moskovskaya Ulitsa
    • phone: 380 (654) 342 092
  • Train Station Ticket Office
    • 4 Sverdlova Ulitsa
    • phone: 005 (local number)
  • Yalta Sea Terminal
    • 5 Ruzvelta Ulitsa
    • phone: 380 (654) 320 094
  • Yalta taxi service
    • phone: 058 (local number)
    • phone: 380-654-315-418 (cellular number)
  • Helicopter landing pad
    • 24 Blyukhera Ulitsa
    • phone: 380 (654) 316 355


Charter Bus Service to and from Yalta

  • AutoLux private bus company offers passenger transportation from Kiev (and the Kiev Borispol International Airport) to Yalta. See schedules and book online.
  • Another charter bus service, GUNSEL, offers a similar service to and from Kiev (and Kiev's international airport), directly to Yalta. See bus schedules to and from Yalta.
  • One more is Sheriff-Tour, with daily routes running between Donetsk and Yalta (on route to Sevastopol).


Yalta Trains - Arrival and Departure

*Yalta has no train service. See Simferopol Trains for more information on train travel to Yalta.



Yalta Flights - Airport Arrival and Departure

*Yalta has no commercial airport. See Simferopol Transportation for more information about flying to Yalta.