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HOME: Zhitomir: Photos

Zhitomir Photos


Enjoy our Zhitomir photo album including local Zhytomyr photographs and pictures of Zhitomir Ukraine tourist attractions.


Zhitomir photographs

Zhitomir City Hall on Korolyov Square

Zhitomir City Hall

Home to the Zhitomir City Council and Executive Committee, Zhitomir City Hall was built in 1900. It sits on Korolyov Square, named in honor of renowned Soviet rocket designer of Zhitomir origin, Sergey Korolyov.

location of Zhitomir city founding in 884 A.D.

Zhitomir City Founding

This rock stands on a hill to mark the spot where Zhitomir was presumably founded by Prince Zhytomyr of the Slavic tribe of Drevlians in 884.

Kievsky Street in Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Kievskaya Ulitsa, Vinnitsa

Photo of Kievsky Street from Cathedral Square in Vinnitsa city center. Left of center is the head office of Kyivstar.

Zhitomir's central square

Cathedral Square, Zhitomir

Photo looking down Zhitomir's Cathedral Square. Way in the background you can see the Zhytomyr Music and Drama Theater. If not for the trees, you'd also be able to see the Statue of Lenin (back right), who's name formerly adorned the central square.

Zhitomir Regional Court

Zhitomir Regional Court

Also on Cathedral Square (Sobornaya Ploshad) stands the Zhitomir Oblast Regional Court or "Palace of Justice". In Soviet times it was home to the Communist Party Committee Headquarters.

Transfiguration Cathedral, Zhitomir

Transfiguration Cathedral

Located on Ulitsa Pobedy, the Transfiguration Cathedral (Preobrazhesnsky Cathedral), was built in 1864.

Victory Over Fascism Monument, Zhitomir

Victory Monument

Photo of Zhitomir monument erected in 1965 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Soviet Union's Victory over Fascist Germany. You can find this monument next to the Transfiguration Cathedral (above).

Zhytomyr Philharmonic next to old water tower

Zhitomir Philharmonic

Photo of Philharmonic Concert Hall (on the left) and water tower (red structure), located on Pushkin Street.

Alexander Pushkin Monument, Zhitomir

Pushkin Monument

A rather old Monument to Alexander Pushkin that was erected in 1899 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the author's birth. You can find the monument on Stary (Old) Boulevard, Zhitomir, Ukraine.

St. Sophia Cathedral in Zhytomyr, Ukraine

St. Sophia Cathedral

Cathedral of Saint Sophia (1737-17) in Zhitomir hosts the Main Episcopal Throne of the Ukrainian Roman Catholic Church. Situated on Zhitomir's Castle Square, (Zamovsky Maidan), the cathedral is a fine example of late Renaissance and Baroque styles of architecture.

Saint Ioan of Ducle Cathedral in Zhitomir, Ukraine

St. Ioan of Ducle Cathedral

Seminary Cathedral of Saint Ioan of Ducle (1838), is often called "Youth Cathedral" by residents of Zhitomir. The Cathedral, along with the accompanying Monastery of Bernardines, can be found on Kievskaya Ulitsa.

Nature Museum in Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Zhitomir Nature Museum

Looks suspiciously like an Orthodox Church, and it was until the Soviets had their way and turned it into the Zhitomir Nature Museum. To this day the 19th Century Cathedral, found on Cathedral Street, is open to public as a museum.

Yuri Gagarin Park in Zhytomyr, Ukraine

Zhitomir City Park

Entrance to Zhitomir Park of Culture and Rest named in honor of Yuri Gagarin.

Big Wheel (Bolshoye Koleso) in Zhitomir, Ukraine

"Big Wheel" in Zhitomir

One of the favorite attractions at the Yuri Gagarin Park of Culture and Rest is the giant Ferris wheel, or like locals call it, the "Big Wheel" or "Observation Wheel".

Zytomyr city street, Prospekt Mira

Prospekt Mira, Zhitomir

Traffic on one of Zhitomir's busier streets, Prospekt Mira.

Hydropark recreation area in Zhitomir, Ukraine

Zhitomir's Hydropark

Photo of paddle-boats located at the Hyropark, which is upstream of the dam on the Teteriv River in Zhytomyr.

Teteriv River, Zhytomyr Oblast

Teteriv River near Zhitomir


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